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We consistently deliver outstanding levels of service to each and every client through teamwork, transparency and innovation.

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We take real pride in delivering the highest levels of service to our prestigious client base. With many years of industry expertise and knowledge, we ensure the right solution is delivered every time.

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Why Choose Us


The secret to our longevity is our ability to move with the times and pioneer new ways of providing the best security service.


At Dependable Security we are renowned for the high standard of specialist security services that we provide for our customers.

Our Customers

Providing specialist security services is a vital part of Dependable Security’s success, however, equally important is our commitment to ensuring that our customers receive an unrivalled level of service.


  • Risk Assesment

    We can identify and eliminate most risks before reaching a venue, however, if something is missed there will be multiple, well trained agents that can be approached.

  • CCTV Systems

    We can equip your venue with state of the art monitoring equipment. Fitted with face recognition, it makes keeping unwanted guests easier than ever.

  • Web Security

    We offer a web-cleaning service, to free your web server of any malicious mal-ware. We can also protect any site from DDoS attacks, brute force attacks and even point out any vulnerabilities in your web servers.

  • Escort Monitoring

    Our monitoring service is one of the best in the countries, there are many teirs to this. Starting at an agent in the passenger seat of your vehicle, to a four car motorcade

  • Life Protection

    Our agents have been trained by some of the best body guards in the country, in dangerous sitatuions you will want nothing less.

  • Remote Guarding

    We can utilise our CCTV systems to keep an eye on your venue 24/7 at no extra cost for 1 whole year.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where does Dependable Security operate?

Nationwide! As of july 2016 we have expanded our operating areas to the whole of the United Kingdom.

Are all members of staff trained?

All of our agents are fully trained off-site. We ensure the highest level of service by making each agent go through a series of examinations as well as a yearly CRB check

Do you provide an emergency security service?

Yes. We are usually available at very short notice (Less than 1 week). Please get in touch if you need our services any sooner than that, we may be able to make arrangements.

Protected Customers